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Chapter 2

Lucius waited in the living room for his blasted owl to return with your response.  He had sent a letter, as per the old traditions, to arrange a date for him and Draco to be formally introduced to your family.

Speaking of Draco, he had been a little subdued ever since Lucius had told him that his mother had died.  The first few nights, Draco had cried out in the night but Lucius had been dealing with his own loss and had sent a House Elf to look after Draco.

When Lucius had spoken with Draco about what was happening, Draco had been very quiet.  At the end of his speech, Draco sat and did not make a sound.  When Lucius had risen to leave, Draco had called out to him.  "Father, does this mean I will have two Mothers?"

Lucius had turned, surprised and nodded.

Draco had smiled, happy with the answer.

An annoyed hoot and an additional weight on Lucius' shoulder startled him from his thoughts.  "You've seen fit to return, have you?  It took you a while."

The owl hooted angrily and held out its leg.  Lucius untied the scroll from the owl's leg and read through the formal reply.  

Lucius looked at the owl that was still on his shoulder, "You seem to be getting heavier as of late."

The owl let out an angry hoot and took off from Lucius' shoulder, leaving a deep scratch and ripping his robes in the process.  Lucius fingered his wand, contemplating whether it would be a good idea to end the flying feather duster.  Lucius decided against it and went to his son's room.

"Draco?"  He called, rapping against the door with his cane.

"Yes, Father?"

Lucius opened the door to see a guilty looking Draco with a slice of bacon in his chubby hand and the flying feather duster sitting comfortably next to his son on the bed.

"At least that mystery has been solved."  Lucius commented.

Draco looked at his Father, "Orion was hungry, Father."  There was a note of petulance in his voice that reminded Lucius that Draco was still so young and yet he was being pulled through this tremendous upheaval.

Lucius looked at the owl, "Draco, your owl will not be able to fly if you feed him too much."

"His name is Orion...My owl?"

Lucius nodded, "Yes, son.  He is yours."

Orion hooted happily and flapped his wings.

"He seems to like you better already."

"I feed him, Father."

Lucius smiled - "That may have helped."  His tone changed, "Draco, I received a reply from (Name)."

Draco flopped onto his stomach and examined his father.  

"We will be meeting with her the day after tomorrow." Lucius explained.  "I...."

"Have you got her a present?"

Lucius was taken aback, unknowingly, Draco had just asked his Father if he was serious about courting you.  He shook his head, his son was full of surprises.

"Not yet, Draco."

"Get her something nice.  Something she can use."

"I will, son but before that, I need to tell you something.  When we arrive at the (Last Name's) Manor, I expect you to be on your best behaviour.  When there, if you want to do something, you ask me as your Father and then you ask (Name's) Father for permission as he is the head of the House.  Do you understand, Draco?"

"I understand, Father."

"We are Malfoys and we do not bow to anyone however in this instance we will be guests in another's home."

"I understand, Father."

"Now, Draco.  What do you think I should buy (Name)?"

Draco looked around his room and his eyes fell on the Malfoy protection charm that hung on his bed.  "Something like that."  He pointed at it.

Lucius' eyes fell on it as well and a design began to take place in his mind.

"Thank you, Draco.  That is a fantastic idea."

"It was my idea." Draco replied.

Lucius smirked and before Draco could run, Lucius was tickling him.  Draco was squealing with laughter and squirming as his dad tickled him.  Draco' s laughter was infectious and for the first time in a long time, Lucius smiled a true smile.
Lucius Malfoy x Reader Marriage Law Chapter 2
Hey guys,

Here is the next instalment and I hope you enjoy.  Next chapter will feature the meeting of the Malfoys and the (Last Names).  As always any ideas are welcome!

Until next time,

Disclaimer: I do not own anything.
Lucius Malfoy x Reader - Chapter 1

AN: Reader and her sister are both related to the Zabinis and the Greengrasses.

Once you were back on solid ground, you checked you still had all your limbs.  Apparition was such a risky business at the best of times - glancing over, you saw your younger sister doing exactly the same thing.

"If International Floo was available, I would have signed up for that experience faster than a Chaser soars after the Quaffle." Your sister muttered.

"You would be spending at least two hours in the Floo." You replied.

Your sister grinned, "Better than brooms and safer."

You rolled your eyes as you began walking to your parents' Manor.  "You still are left with the aftertaste of ash though."

Your sister fell into step next to you, "Maybe a type of vanishing potion?"

You cocked your head in thought, "The idea has merit, perhaps if you created the potion to act as a barrier around the mouth, as to prevent ash from entering in the first instance."

Your sister looked confused for a moment before nodding and then she caught sight of a man standing at the entrance of the Manor.

Immediately, your posture changed.  Your back became rigid and your face was wiped clear of any expression.  It was not your dad that was standing at the entrance; it was your Father.  Your dad was the man who taught you both to play Quidditch, encouraged you both in your schoolwork and improved your duelling skills by bewitching apples to bob around your head while you threw spells at him.

Your Father was the man who remained neutral all throughout the War and he was the man who spoke to the Goblins about strengthening the wards of the Manor to a level that was deemed unacceptable by the Ministry and then proceeded to justify his decision to a Ministry official to the point that the Ministry official returned to the Ministry and removed the complaint.

This was the man who had thrown a borderline Grey curse at a Nundu and lived to tell the story.

As you and your sister reached the entrance, you both bowed.  "Father."

Your Father kept his expression blank as he gestured for you both to follow him, "We have a guest."

You exchanged a quick look with your sister who seemed to be just as confused as you were.  As you entered the sitting room, you saw your Mother sitting with the Minister of Magic.

As you were the oldest, tradition dictated that you bowed to the Minister first and then you greeted him.  "Minister, it is an honour to have you here."

Your sister went next, "Minister, welcome to the house of the (Last Name)."

Your Mother and Father came and stood behind you and your sister.  That alone worried you, in the old, traditional families - that simple gesture meant the news about to be delivered was so jarring that a member of the family would need to be on hand to make sure that an individual's magic did not spike out accidentally.

The fact that both your Mother and your Father had assumed that position not only meant that the news was grave, it also meant that your Mother and Father would potentially have to use their magic to overpower yours in the event that you were shocked enough to lose control over your magic.

Fudge straightened his posture and tried to look intimidating but he did not hold a candle to your Father "I do not wish to be the bearer of bad news however due to the war, the Ministry has seen fit to impose a law from our distant past.  The law states that any unmarried witch or wizard will be paired with a suitable partner and married at a date of the Ministry's choosing." Fudge explained, like you and your sister were young, sneaky children that had smuggled some Cauldron Cakes into school.

You tensed and your mask slipped.  A glance from your Father had you schooling your face back into a neutral expression and hoping the Minister did not notice.  

"I am here as a personal favour to your family.  Miss (Name), you have been paired with Lucius Malfoy.  Miss (Sister's Name), you have been paired with Severus Snape."

Dimly, you heard your parents bid farewell traditionally to the Minister and you felt the wards ripple as the Minister Disapperated.

You saw your Father's lips move and his hands came to grip at your shoulders. But you could not focus on what he was saying.  A mild Stinging Hex jolted you back to reality.

"Are you alright (Name)? Are you alright (Sister's Name)?"

You rubbed at your eyes, hoping this was a realistic, vivid dream.  After reassuring yourself that it wasn't, you sighed.  Your Father had become your dad.  "Dad, it's...I can't describe what I'm feeling right now.  It's not so much the person, it's the fact that the choice was taken away from"  You corrected yourself when you saw your sister's expression.

She was just as worried, confused and upset as you were.

Your dad sighed, "You know that our marriage was an arranged marriage and it was the same for your grandparents and your great-grandparents. It has been so for generations. It isn't the circumstances, it's the people and if they want the...arrangement to work."


Your dad pulled you both into a hug, "My girls.  Just remember, if either one of your arranged husbands or their families try to give you any grief, you are of the Old, Noble and Honorary House of (Last Name).  Also pick your battles.  Do not needlessly fight something - make your displeasure known only when there is a better option for all and have many back up plans."
Lucius Malfoy x Reader Marriage Law Ch1
Hey guys,

Thank you so much for such a positive response to the prologue of my Marriage Law fic.  Here is the next update and I hope you continue to enjoy the fic!

Until next time,

Disclaimer: I don't own anything; I am just playing in J K Rowling's sandbox.
Harry Potter marriage law fic

Lucius Malfoy x reader

This takes place after Harry has vanquished Voldemort for the first time and will contain cute Toddler!Draco.


Lucius crumpled the blasted letter from the Ministry in his fist.  It wasn't bad enough that his wife had died while fighting the Dark Lord - no, the Ministry had to add insult to injury by enacting this meaningless law.

It was a law from the 1300s that stated if the population of Wizarding Britain ever fell beyond a certain point, the Ministry could pair couples according to bloodline and compatibility.  That was exactly what had happened with the First War.

So much of Wizarding Britain had fallen in the war.  Lucius supposed it was around 30% of the population.

Frustrated beyond belief, Lucius Disapperated from the Manor and left the letter lying on the ground.

On the letter, just before the Minister's signature, there was a name.  This was the name of Lucius' future bride.

(Name) (Middle Name) (Last Name).
Lucius Malfoy x Reader Marriage Law
Hey guys,

This is just a teaser for a series that I'd really like to do and I would love it if you gave me feedback or some ideas for the series.  I have some ideas already.

Until next time,

Disclaimer: Don't own anything.
Merry Christmas everyone!  I hope you have happy and safe holidays!
At first, Tony thought his coffee was off.  He swore that he put his wrench down on the bench opposite him yet somehow, in the space of two minutes, it had moved into the kitchen and was sitting next to the coffee maker.

Tony played it off.

Then his Iron Man suits started malfunctioning.  Tony couldn’t understand what was happening – mechanically his suits were beyond perfect.  He even had FRIDAY run countless scans in an attempt to diagnose the fault.

She came up empty.

The suits were zooming around the room, smashing into things and ricocheting off the walls.  The fact that they weren’t listening to Tony’s commands caused him to panic.  His heartbeat bounded in his ears as he ducked and weaved around the room – trying to get to the kill switch on the wall near the door.

One suit slammed into him, flinging him away from his target and across the room.  Slowly and painfully, Tony pulled himself up and he tried to ignore the screaming pain in his back and shoulders. One by one, the suits all hovered in a circle around him – trapping him.

Tony scooted backwards until he felt his back hit the wall.

His suits closed in.

Tony’s fingers grabbed for something, anything to defend himself with but before he could even move into an attack, one of his suits shot out a beam of light from its left arm repulsor and it struck Tony on the shoulder.  Then another suit shot another beam of light from its right arm repulsor and struck Tony on his other shoulder.

All of Tony’s suits began firing at him and by the time they stopped Tony was covered in burns from his own suits.  “Friday….” Tony croaked out but received no response.

The last thing Tony saw before blackness crept over him for the last time was a strand of black hair floating on a non-existent breeze down towards him.
Murder Mystery Challenge
Hey guys,

EntirelyBonkers: asked me if I wanted to compete in her challenge and I eagerly accepted!  So this is my part of the challenge and I hope you enjoy!

Until next time,

Disclaimer: Don't own anything.
Hey guys,

Sorry that I've been a bit inactive lately but I just wanted to let you know about my up and coming projects:

A (really long) Han Solo x reader.
A Padme x Male Reader (who is Anakin's twin).
The final chapter to my OUAT x Reader x Supernatural story.
The next chapter to my Harry Potter x Reader x Percy Jackson story.
A Bruce Banner x Reader where the reader is an empath.

*Future series - any ideas on the following stories are welcome and you will be credited for the idea*
Durza (Eragon) x Reader.
Modern AU: Teacher!Rumplestiltskin/Mr Gold x Teacher!Reader.

I also want to say a huge thank you to everyone who faves, comments, watches and gives me llamas - you guys are amazing and I wouldn't have the motivation to continue writing if it wasn't for you guys!

Until next time!
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