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October 6, 2013
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Thor x Reader

“Meeting the Parents”

AN: Rick Riordan is a literary genius but I really dislike Drew and that will be shown in this fic.  I apologise in advance if your name is Drew or you have a close friend who is called Drew.

You looked at your reflection in the bathroom mirror of your cabin.  It hadn’t taken you that long to get ready for tonight.  Tonight was a big deal as your brother and his girlfriend were coming up to Olympus with you and your boyfriend, Thor, the Norse God of Lightning, to officially meet your father, Poseidon.

“Y/N!” Percy yelled “Are you finished in the bathroom, yet?!  Gods you can be such a girl sometimes!”

You grinned, Percy was as nervous as you were.  Although when he brought the topic up, you reasoned that Poseidon wouldn’t have many problems with Annabeth as she had been with Percy from the beginning and was the daughter of a Greek Goddess herself. Also, Poseidon had met Annabeth before which led you to believe that Percy, Annabeth and Poseidon were seeing how Thor was around them in a different environment.

You opened the door only to throw a ball of water at your brother.  “Whoa Percy, it’s only taken you what, two years to notice I’m a girl?” As Percy moved out of the way of the ball of water, he smirked. “Yeah, but this is the first time I’ve seen you act like one.” He frowned, the smirk vanishing, “No make-up?”

You grinned like a shark, “Why wear it when it’s only going to get helpfully taken off

Percy shuddered, “Did not need to know that.  Anyway, you done yet?”

Opening the door, you let him pass, “You look nice by the way.” You commented as you walked out of the bathroom and sat down on your bed to wait for him.

As Percy came out of the bathroom, he ran his fingers through his hair nervously, causing you to sigh and pull his hands away from his hair, “Stop messing up your hair unless you want me to call the whole Aphrodite cabin in here?”

Percy’s eyes widened and he shook his head frantically.  “That’s what I thought.  Now no use prolonging the inevitable; let’s go.”

Percy opened the cabin door and the both of you walked outside only to see your respective boyfriend and girlfriend deep in conversation.  As you drew closer, you could make out what they were saying, “I never thought of it that way.” Annabeth mused thoughtfully, “An entire realm for the dead? It is intriguing that Asgard is the main home of the Gods.  Was there a debate about who should rule Asgard, like there was over Olympus?”

“Nay, Lady Annabeth.  My father proved himself in battle and that was enough for the Asguardians to elect Odin as their immortal king. He approves of Y/N and has requested that I never let her go, as she is polite, respectful and a brilliant fighter.  Now it is my turn to meet her father.”

You blushed lightly as you heard Thor’s praise and Percy smiled down at you.

The smell of crushed pine nuts and Christmas trees wafted over to you and you heard Percy give a quiet sigh.  “Seriously Thor,” Drew purred sliding a hand onto Thor’s arm, “The trip to Asgard was wasted on her.  The only thing she could talk about was how beautiful it was, I mean, she was more worried about being polite to your parents rather than the activities that could be done quietly, in Asgard.”

A snarl made its way onto Thor’s face and he gently but firmly moved her hand from his arm before he spoke, “I do not mean to insult your mother, but how in the Nine Realms are you related to her?  Yes Lady Aphrodite, is predominately interested in romance and making the perfect couple, but insulting the woman I love in front of me? You shall never hold my affections like the way she does.  Y/N is genuinely beautiful and I shall not stand by and watch you insult her.  Your underhanded tactics shall not work on the son of Odin!”

Drew’s mouth fell open in complete shock but before she could come up with a retort, Percy held out the conch shell that your father had given him when Poseidon had made the request of meeting Thor. The shell released a quiet whoosh and then a bright flash of light encompassed all of you.

When the light faded, you were all standing on Olympus and in front of you was your father.  Poseidon was dressed in his usual Hawaiian shirt and shorts however his trident was leaning against his chair.  Percy opened his mouth to make a comment but a crash and a bang distracted him and you all turned to the source of the commotion.

“Ella, I need recipe!” The familiar voice of your half-brother Tyson called out. “I want dinner perfect!”

With raised eyebrows, both you and Percy looked at Poseidon who looked sheepish.  “They said they wanted to help.  Who was I to deny them?”

“Ella, recipe does not belong in mixing bowl!  It belong on table! Thank you, my beautiful one.”

Now your father had a smile on his face as you all listened in to the interaction between your half-brother and his girlfriend.  This smile faded however as he examined Thor who had walked up to him and bowed from the waist.

“Lord Poseidon, I am Thor, Son of Odin, God of Lightning and Prince of Asgard.  Your daughter speaks highly of you as does your son.  I am honoured that you have requested me here; by Asgard and the Nine Realms, I swear to protect and defend your daughter’s life and honour.”

You watched as your father drew himself up to his full height and replied in the same tone, “I thank you for your wise and thoughtful words, Thor, Son of Odin. What proof can you offer me that you will stand by your words?”

To your surprise (and Percy’s surprise; judging by the look on his face) Annabeth stepped forward, “Lord Poseidon.  I can offer proof that Thor is true to his word; before we left Camp, a camper came up to us and began belittling Y/N while trying to attract Thor.  Thor disregarded her advances and stood up for Y/N.”

Your father smiled as Annabeth stepped backwards.  He fixed Thor with a level look then waved his hand, causing his trident to disappear.  “Now that is over with, it is good to see you all.” One by one Poseidon drew Annabeth, Percy and you into a hug.  When it was your turn, Poseidon whispered in your ear, just before you let go, “I approve.”

You smiled up at your dad before walking back to stand next to Thor.  At that moment, Tyson came bursting in.  “Dinner ready!” He yelled before pulling you all into a huge hug.  You were used to Tyson’s hugs by now and hugged back just as enthusiastically.  

When you broke apart, Tyson looked at Thor evenly, “You are Y/N boyfriend?”

Thor nodded.

Tyson frowned, “You hurt Y/N and I borrow Daddy’s trident, okay?”

Thor nodded again.

*Time skip to arrival back at Camp*

Percy and Annabeth had left Camp after your group had returned to go visit Percy’s mother which left you and Thor alone in the Poseidon cabin.

“Your family is very pleasing, Y/N.” Thor’s voice rumbled as he held you with his chest to your back and his chin on your shoulder.  “Although, I would not like to cross blades with your brother, Tyson.  He seems very protective of you and could be a scary foe.  Is it true he fought in the Titan war?”

“Yes, that is true.  Oh, I have a few other brothers as well.  One is Triton and I have other Cyclopes brothers too.”

“What is the probability of Tyson not informing his brothers that he met me this night?”

You smiled, “Not likely.”

“I will never leave or hurt you Y/N.  I love you with all my heart and soul.”  Thor kissed you on the lips gently before kissing you on the forehead.  “If I did hurt you, I would have an entire army of Cyclopes ready to kill me plus your father and Percy.  Those odds are not very pleasing.”
Hello all,

Here is the second installment of my "Meeting the Parents" series. I hope you enjoy. The next few weeks will be hectic as sadly my UNI break is drawing to a close but I have the Loki fic planned so that will be the next update.

Disclaimer: Don't own anything except the plot!
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